Visiting Israel or the Palestinian territories this summer for research? Join the Israeli Field Research Network

First meeting: 12 March, 7pm in RM 4418

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SOASIS Meeting: 6 March, 7:30pm at the Queens’ Larder

We’re holding our monthly meeting at the Queens’ Larder, Russell Square, for beer and discussion of everything we’ve been doing, and will be doing in the near future.

Agenda will include:

  • Newscast of Israeli media headlines (Obama -Netanyahu conference is most likely the highlight)
  • Discussion of Itamar’s talk about a popular left in Israel (from the last session)
  • Update and discussion of Israel Field-research network project, upcoming Bedouin panel, and plans for term III

Everyone welcome!

SOASIS teach in on Israeli leftist activism, with Itamar Harita : 21 Feb, 18:30

The next Israel Society Meeting will include a “teach-in” on Israeli leftist activism, with Itamar Haritan, a visiting researcher and activist from Israel’s Tarabut/Hithabrut, social-political action network.

Itamar will discuss his experience and analysis of a “popular” or “grassroots” social-political left movement in Israel/Palestine, and its concrete realization, through the work of Tarabut and other members of local activist communities. The discussion will revolve around the often “unheard/unseen voices” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and will culminate in a discussion of the struggle in Al-Araqib, with which Itamar has been deeply involved.

The meeting will be held on Feb. 21st, 18:30, in 22 Russell Square, Rm. T102

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

SOAS Israel Society meeting and BDS teach-in: 24 Jan, 6pm

The next SOAS Israel Society meeting will take place on Tuesday, 24 Jan, at 6:00pm, at 22 Russell Square in Room T102.

In preparation for our event on the 30th, the first half of the meeting will revolve around a teach-in on the BDS movement – what it is, what its aims are, who is involved in it etc. The teach in will be run by two activists from the UK campaign, Eleanor Kilroy and Jonathan Rosenhead (BRICUP). We will spend the second half of the meeting on organisational issues, as per usual, and start the evening with a short newscast on current issues in Israeli media

Hope to see you there!