The Israel Society at SOAS is a platform for open and critical discussion of Israel. In these discussions, we look beyond the boundaries of the conflict to explore the interplay of social, political, economic and cultural dimensions in Israeli society.

SOASIS is an independent student group that is not affiliated with the Israeli government.

The initiative to start SOASIS in 2012 came from two Israeli SOAS students who recognised the need for an alternative space within which to voice perspectives on Israel often unheard in other on-campus sites. The society is made up of Israeli and non-Israeli SOAS students and staff, interested in creating a more nuanced discussion of Israel.

Throughout this year, we are building the foundation for an Israel Society that asks integral questions of Israeli hegemony, its systemic exclusion of huge swathes of Israeli society, the rising tide of deliberately anti-democratic legislation and its policies towards the Palestinian refugees inside and outside the occupied Palestinian territories. These debates are not new, but it is felt that little is discussed in light of what motivates these trends and their repercussions to Israeli society (i.e. the militarization of its youth, the religious-secular divide, the bankruptcy of its social policy, systemic segmentation and racism etc).

The aim of SOASIS is not to explain or excuse, but rather to contribute to a wider and deeper understanding of the inner workings of this side of the conflict.

If you would like to contribute ideas, get involved in organising events or join our the meetings please contact us at soasisrael @ gmail.com