18th November: Screening of “Have You Heard About The Panthers” with SOASIS, followed by discussion



Monday, November 18th at 6pm
SOAS Vernon Square Campus, V221 (may change to ULU room, TBC)

We invite you to join the SOAS Israel Society (SOASIS) for the screening of “Have You Heard About The Panthers,” a documentary by Israeli filmmaker Nissim Mosek. The film screening and discussion that follows are free and open to all.

Hoping to cast light on the struggle for equality and justice of Jews from Arab countries, Nissim Mosek sets out to document the Mizrahi Black Panthers movement in Israel. From IMDb:

In the 1970s, a new protest movement burst into Israeli politics. Calling themselves the Black Panthers, this group of rebellious young Mizrahi men was intensely critical of racism and class bias within the Israeli establishment. They embraced Robin Hood-like campaigns such as “Operation Milk,” which stole food from rich areas in Jerusalem and distributed it to impoverished immigrants. Their bold moves captured the attention of the young and disenfranchised while earning the animosity of others (Golda Meir called them “barbarians”).

Mosek’s 1970s protest film vanished suspiciously just after completion; for years it was believed to be lost, and at one point it was even rumored to have been stolen by the Shin Bet (Israeli internal intelligence agency). The recent discovery of a copy in the Jerusalem Cinematheque prompted the filmmaker to investigate the demise of the Panthers and illuminate issues of disunity that continue to reveal themselves in today’s Israel.

(Note: as of now the event is taking place at Vernon Square, but if it moves to ULU you will be notified).

Here are some pieces to prompt the discussion:



All SOASIS events are wheelchair accessible, please contact us if you have any access needs we can help you with.

The discussion will be followed by a brief organising meeting, which all are welcome to attend.