Haggai Matar: Coins, batons and guns – Israeli economy and the Occupation

On Monday 4th March, please join us at 7pm in room 4418 (fourth floor) of the SOAS main building for a discussion about the economics of the occupation, with a talk by Israeli blogger and activist Haggai Matar
“When Israelis took to the streets in the summer of 2011 to demand social justice, they were accused of eschewing the most pressing social justice issue of the land – the occupation of Palestinian territories and the Israeli settlement project. But what is the economic mechanism of the occupation? Are the settlements the main bane of Israel’s middle class? Can the social justice movement be revived – and can it broaden to include a fight against the occupation?

Haggai Matar is an award-winning Israeli journalist, blogger, activist and unioniser, imprisoned in 2002 for two years for his conscientious objection to enlisting in the IDF. He is a municipal reporter and local union chair at Ma’ariv, one of Israel’s main national dailies, and a blogger on +972 Magazine. In 2012, Haggai won the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award for his +972 series on the separation wall.”

After the talk, feel free to stay on for a short organisational meeting about upcoming events. Agenda to include:
– thoughts about summer term and next academic year (including idea for a reading group)
– Film screening on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising
– Yael Berda and Eyal Weizman event later in March
– What’s going on with the Tinghir film screening (about Moroccan Jews)
– another social event soon?
– AOB, ideas for other future events
… and some of us can also report back from the Judith Butler talk last week