To inherit, expel, colonise and return: voices from the war of 1948

Our next event will be on the war of 1948 through the testimonies of its protagonists. It will be held Thursday 21st February, from 7pm, in room 4421 of SOAS’ main building.
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1948: the birth of the state of Israel, and of the Palestinian refugee problem. The history of these events has been the subject of great controversy:
From the late 1980s, Israel’s “new historians” have questioned the foundational myths of their state. However, they have concentrated on high politics and military history: did Ben Gurion advocate a population transfer? were there military operations of ethnic cleansing?
Although these questions are very important, this approach has led to neglect the voices of common Israelis and Palestinians involved in the war, and their understanding of these events. Recovering these voices can shed light on many aspects of the war, and provide a more complete understanding of such a foundational moment for Israeli and Palestinian history and identity.

This event will be based on the interviews and testimonies of Jewish-Israelis and Palestinians fighters and civilians, and will be presented by Mical Nelken, a history student currently writing her dissertation on testimonies of the war of 1948.
We will also be joined via skype by Lia Tarachansky, Canadian-Israeli journalist and director of upcoming documentary Seven Deadly Myths (
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Hope to see you there!