30th January discussion: The 2013 Israeli elections


At first glance, it seems Benjamin Netanyahu betted everything on an early election – and lost. His own party depleted to 16% of the parliament, a rift with his allies on the right, and a new centrist juggernaut all seem set to make the next government more moderate, or at least weaker, than the previous one. But is it really so? And where does the election leave Israel’s minorities – Mizrachi Jews, Palestinians, Russians?

Join us for a briefing on the elections with Dimi Reider, co-founder of 972mag.com and contributor to the New York Review of Books, New York Times and other publications, freshly returned from Israel where he followed the elections from up close.

Wednesday 30th January at 7.30pm in room 116 of the SOAS main building. The discussion will be followed be a round up of other news from recent weeks, as well as a short organising meeting


All welcome, as always!