Gaza: The Politics of the Escalation

We’re not in the business of taking a line on things, but we are in the business of getting involved and making space for people to discuss, learn, reflect. So:

On Friday 23rd at 4pm we will be having a meeting, in ULU room 3B

Gaza: The Politics of the Escalation
Speakers tbc, to include Israelis and Palestinians
The latest conflagration in Gaza took everyone by surprise, sharply breaking from the pattern of escalation and deescalation that dominated the conflict ever since Operation Cast Lead. We will meet to try and understand the dynamics that drive the players against each other, but also the internal politics – Hamas vs Fatah, Islamic Jihad and other groups, and Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak’s bid to retain power after the general elections early next year. We will also look at the West Bank – which has seen lethal clashes between Palestinian protesters and the IDF – and consider the international players: how different is the Middle East after the Arab Spring, and how different is  newly reelected Obama?