Arab Jews: Mizrachi politics in Israel

Our next event will be this Thursday 1st of November at 7pm in B104 (Brunei), and we will be talking about Arab Jews: Mizrachi politics in Israel with Guardian journalist Rachel Shabi, author of “Not the Enemy: Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands.”

Although Israel is traditionally cast as a “western” country set up and run by European Jews and their descendants, it is first and second generation immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa- alternatively known as Mizrachis, Sephardis or Arab Jews – who comprise the largest population group in the country. These Israelis have moved steadily from second-class citizens and underdogs to produce power-players and kingmakers, even as the majority still faces discrimination by their European compatriots; and despite carrying perhaps the greatest cultural link between Israeli Jews and the rest of the Middle East, they throw their lot determinately with the ultra-nationalist side of the political map.
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