SOASIS teach in on Israeli leftist activism, with Itamar Harita : 21 Feb, 18:30

The next Israel Society Meeting will include a “teach-in” on Israeli leftist activism, with Itamar Haritan, a visiting researcher and activist from Israel’s Tarabut/Hithabrut, social-political action network.

Itamar will discuss his experience and analysis of a “popular” or “grassroots” social-political left movement in Israel/Palestine, and its concrete realization, through the work of Tarabut and other members of local activist communities. The discussion will revolve around the often “unheard/unseen voices” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and will culminate in a discussion of the struggle in Al-Araqib, with which Itamar has been deeply involved.

The meeting will be held on Feb. 21st, 18:30, in 22 Russell Square, Rm. T102

Looking forward to seeing you all there!