The Bible, Zionism and Palestine: An interdisciplinary conference to explore the role of the bible in theology and politics in Israel and Palestine today

24-26th May 2012, Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield

The Bible has played a fundamental role in the creation and existence of the modern state of Israel, and, some say, in the continued suffering of the Palestinian people.

Keynote speakers:

  • Rev Dr Naim Ateek
  • Rabbi Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbook
  • Professor Nur Masahla
  • Professor Ilan Pappé

 And panel discussions with:

  • Professor Philip Davies
  • Professor Mary Grey
  • And others…

The conference organisers are welcoming contributions from all perspectives under four main headings:

  • Antisemitism, Philosemitism and the Bible
  • the Bible and the Existence of Israel
  • Judaism, Christianity and Zionism
  • and the Bible and the Palestinians.

Topics may include (but are by no means limited to):

  • biblical archaeology and historiography
  • Palestinian liberation theology
  • violence and peace in the Bible
  • Christian Zionism
  • postcolonial biblical criticism
  • modern Judaism and its relationship to Zionism.

Please send a title and a 300 word abstract to, for a 20 minute paper.

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